FAQ: Commonly Asked Questions About Studio Suite Salons


How much does it cost to become a salon owner at VOGUE Salons?
You only pay an initial Administrative Fee equal to one week's rent.

How is the VOGUE Salons studio suite equipped?
The studio suite is equipped with a chair, cabinetry and shampoo bowl. You and a few supplies, and you’re in business.

How much more will I make by owning a VOGUE Salons studio suite?
Industry research indicates about 30%.

How long does it take to open a VOGUE Salons studio suite?
You can be up and running immediately!  Our suites are move-in ready!

How long is the lease?
12 months

Can I decorate my VOGUE Salons studio suite?
Absolutely. You can hang pictures and decorate the interior to fit your style.


How is the relationship with the owner?

We help you with every step to get started and are available on site with any immediate needs. We let you run your salon and your business. 

What will my customers think of VOGUE Salons studio suite?
Current stylists have told us that their customers love the fresh look and atmosphere at Vogue Salons. With your private studio decorated to fit your own style, your customers will love it!

Are inquiries confidential?
Yes. We will hold your application in the highest confidence.

How accessible is my studio suite?
You can access your secured studio 24 hours a day.

What kind of security does VOGUE salons have?
Each salon suite has its own locking doors with and the salon is equipped with security cameras.

Does VOGUE Salons accept walk-in customers?

Each stylist owns their own business, so it is up to you to accept walk-in customers. The salon does receive significant walk-in traffic, but our salon suites are most suitable for salon professionals with an established clientele who are not dependent on walk-ins for a large part of their business.